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    Any mechanical genius can speculate the pedal cocking devices of Divine-Armed-Crossbow (Ancient China Song dynasty)


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    Any mechanical genius can speculate the pedal cocking devices of Divine-Armed-Crossbow (Ancient China Song dynasty)

    Post by stm2010 on Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:44 pm

    I found some very intersting video on the youtube.This guy reprouced a list of famous ancient crossbow items,for example,gastraphete,catapult,modified chinese repeating crossbow,electrical aid repeating crossbow,crossbow triggers and divine-armed crossbow.

    Here is the link of divine-armed-crossbow for those unknown.

    Some useful picture can be seen in the website.

    The ancient historical descripition of divine-armed-crossbow:
    Bow span - 98cm
    Length - 140cm
    String length - 77cm
    Effective range - 150m
    Maximum range - 370-460m

    It is the most powerful projectile weapon for single soldier in the ancient china. It reprensent the highest technical level of single soldier crossbow. After it, the fire arms gradually replace its role in the army. In order to protect enemy states know its technical stastics, any further description is strictly forbidden, So the most important cocking device was lost after the coming Ming dynasty.
    (Sony dynasty[invent]-->Mongolian dynasty[in use]--->Ming dyansty[lost])

    I  was confused for this guy's replica of Shen-Bi-Nu.It may not the true ancient Shen-Bi-Nu.
    1. I don't know the reload principle of pedal cocking device without the help of spring.
    2. I can see the ratchet in the cocking device to prevent the  mis-firing of the bow string. But I don't know  the mechanisim of cog-release.

    Any genius can draw and design such a pedal cocking device ? Great appreciate.
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    Re: Any mechanical genius can speculate the pedal cocking devices of Divine-Armed-Crossbow (Ancient China Song dynasty)

    Post by kenh on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:20 am

    You might want to also post this to the Asian Traditional Archery Network --   It is the single best repository of knowledge about ancient string-powered weapons.

    The still pictures do not show very much at all, and the videos even even less (all you see is a portion of the prod and tiller).  It would have been nice to see video of him cocking the crossbow. 

    I do love the second video where the bolt richochets off the tincan target and bounces back to hit the shooter.  Not the smartest of builders whoever he is!!


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    Re: Any mechanical genius can speculate the pedal cocking devices of Divine-Armed-Crossbow (Ancient China Song dynasty)

    Post by HeroSK on Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:15 am

    I tried a few minute sketch of whatever available in the videos. 

    To your first question, in my opinion, it is quite possible to move pedal upward with movement of foot rather than a metal spring but in this case it needs a little modification over pedal. I think it would be best to choose a piece of rope, since it would be preferable in ancient times because of it's simplicity. A rope bracelet over pedal would keep foot of archer over pedal while moving upwards. 

    About second question, a large teeth to fix ratcheted wheel not to release string is already visible. However, it is needed to add another to pedal to lock and rotate the ratchet. I added something imaginary possible solutions yet there could be some other possible methods too.

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    Re: Any mechanical genius can speculate the pedal cocking devices of Divine-Armed-Crossbow (Ancient China Song dynasty)

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