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    Another New Crossbow Builder

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    I'm new to crossbows

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    Another New Crossbow Builder Empty Another New Crossbow Builder

    Post by jrestes1994 on Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:45 am

    Hello Everyone

    I'm brand new to the group and looking at building my first crossbow. I'm a long time woodworker - furniture and other projects. Have been interested in building a crossbow for years and now is the time to do it. Will be reading some of the past posts and reviewing some YouTube videos but always looking for advice from those knowledgable in this area. So please offer any advice to me as a first time crossbow builder.

    Have not yet purchased any hardware but that is my immediate task. I'm not using this for hunting purposes but for target practice along with my guns. Any suggestions on what draw weight to start with as a first crossbow? Secondly, any suggestions on whether to go with Oak or Walnut? I have tons of Walnut but also have some Oak. Trying to make this crossbow as authentic as possible to the Medieval Europe crossbows. 

    My very initial thoughts are to use claplock release and bind the prod with cord. Any thoughts as well on this? 

    Thanks for any and all advice.
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    Another New Crossbow Builder Empty Re: Another New Crossbow Builder

    Post by Geezer on Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:40 pm

    Welcome to crossbow-building heaven.  We've got lots of members who can give you guidance for making crossbows. You mentioned hardware:  I buy prods and bow irons from Garvin's Slobows.  They're usually fairly prompt and quality is good.  If you want a bow for target shooting or plinking, I don't recommend getting anything that will require a cocking device.  Levers, belthooks, etc. just slow you down and get in the way.  Since you'll be using both hands and your legs for spanning, keep your draw weight under, say 150 lb. if you're a healthy/robust man.  If you're getting along in years, figure on 110 to 125 lb.  You should be able to shoot that repeatedly without problems.
      As for wood, you'll find oak is harder and slightly heavier.  Walnut is lighter, easier to shape, but it's also more allergenic and particularly black walnut splinters are most unpleasant.  You'll find a number of simple plans online.  Alchem Corp online has a nice medieval style pattern.  They also have good tackle, prods, triggers and the like, but their service is usually slower that Slobows. 
    You can find a very nice pattern for a medieval arbalest in Ralph Payne Gallwey's "Book of the Crossbow" pub. 1907.  Be aware there are a couple of errors in the pattern that will make things tougher.  If you decide to use PG's pattern, drop me a line and I'll give you the lowdown (
    If you're worried about what woods are actually appropriate for medieval bows, they used whatever they could get.  I've seen medieval european stocks in birch,oak, cherry, walnut, pear, maple... so pick a workable wood you can get at a reasonable price.  Just make sure the grain runs top to bottom of the stock, rather than side to side.  That actually matters.  So search our back pages, see what you like and get busy.  Geezer.

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