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    Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

    Fresh Blood

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    I'm new to crossbows

    Fresh Blood Doesn't meanI'm new to crossbows

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    Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

    Post by hoveysmith on Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:33 am

    Bill Troubridge, the designer, founder and owner of Excalibur Crossbows will be my guest on The Backyard Sportsman radio show on Sept. 4. If you have a burning question that you would like Bill to answer, send it to me, and I will either ask him on the show or arrange for him to send you a private answer.

    Bill and I met while I was researching my book, "Crossbow Hunting," and I see him regularly at industry trade shows in the U.S.

    The Sept. 4 show will be all about crossbows, including the hand-built ones by David Watson of Austin, TX.

    The hour-long weekly show will be aired over VoiceAmerica Sports Radio on Sept. 4 at 10 AM Eastern standard time. This is an Internet broadcast and will be available for a year on the network and indefinately from Apple's iTunes. This is the 4th show. Two, one on bowfishing and another on squirrel hunting, are now available. The next on, on Aug. will consider taking game animals near your home, sometimes in your backyard. This show will feature an Idaho Bear hunt that provided an instant, but un-planned, crossbow kill.

    I have a video up on YouTube about the hunt.


    Enjoy the show!

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    Re: Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

    Post by Lightly on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:09 am


    I'll look forward to that, get it off of iTunes. Thanks!


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    Re: Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

    Post by Basilisk120 on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:38 pm

    Sounds like an interesting show, I'll have to give it a listen.

    I do have a question, this may be my inexperiance with crossbows showing through but; Why do Excalibur bows have recurve limbs verus compound limbs? And what are the advantages/disadvantages of either limb type? May be a newbie question but interested/

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    Dear Friend, You will be Greatly Missed.

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    Re: Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

    Post by Pavise on Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:46 pm

    For a quick link to Hovey's radio chat with Bill T and more, go to:


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    Re: Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

    Post by Ivo on Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:18 pm

    This is awesome!!!

    Pavise wrote:For a quick link to Hovey's radio chat with Bill T and more, go to:


    Thanks for the wake-up call Pavise. Very Happy

    I also took the liberty of hosting the show.

    Now you can also listen to the show here by checking out the little player on our forum side panel. Cool Stuff!!!Very Happy


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    I've known Bill and Kath

    Post by Moon on Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:26 pm

    for several years as a result of shooting their crossbows and working archery and hunting trade shows with Zeiss Optics. They are great folks and deserve much respect for their involvement and growth of crossbows for hunting and shooting sports. From experience I can say their crossbows are second to none in reliability, durability and accuracy. My favorite is the Vortex which I use for crossbow 3D tournaments and hunting. I actually dropped it 17 feet out of one of my treestand a few years ago. It was cocked but not loaded with an arrow. It bounced around a few times and I knew the bow would be damaged. I took it back to my hunting lodge and shot it at 30 yards.......dead center Very Happy I knew then that Excalibur crossbows were special.

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    Re: Question for Bill Troubridge on The Backyard Sportsman

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