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    Other toys in the collection

    Fresh Blood

    Doesn't mean
    I'm new to crossbows

    Fresh Blood Doesn't meanI'm new to crossbows

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    Other toys in the collection

    Post by greyprice on Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:28 pm

    Hi all, first time crossbower (not sure if thats even a word) but long time collector/maker of other sharp and pointy toys. Just wondering if there are others here that collect the rest of the armory as well. If so, what's in your collections?
    Crossbow Junkie

    I live here!

    Crossbow JunkieI live here!

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    Re: Other toys in the collection

    Post by Gnome on Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:02 pm

    I think a lot of us have other areas of interest. I have a rack of various implements, a couple dozen, all except a couple I made myself- swords, spears, knives, flails, warhammers, etc. Other than the crossbows, this sword is the star of the show. The blade is cold-stock removed from a mathoth chainsaw bar, an old, solid billet-style that are hard to find these days. The pommel counterweight used to be a trailer hitch ball.

    Crossbow Junkie

    I live here!

    Crossbow JunkieI live here!

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    Re: Other toys in the collection

    Post by kenh on Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:26 am

    Years ago I collected swords. American Civil War W and pre-CW militia mostly, but some from Malayasia, Japan, China, Europe, etc. Had about 40 pieces. Then one day I came home to find that my house had been broken into... guns, TVs, stereos, cameras, all passed up to steal my swords and a handful of knives in other places.

    The perp was eventually caught -- had traded the blades for drugs. Apparently at the time there was a blade-happy drug sub-culture hooked on Xena, Hercules and the Highlander movies. I recovered one Malay kris and one lesser sword. The court awarded me a whopping $1200 repayment from the perp that took a year to collect.

    Haven't collected anything much, since. Now, living aboard a sailboat, that's a good thing. The kris hangs on the bulkhead in the cabin of my boat home, well greased against the salt environment. The sword I sold. Two years ago I used the kris to drive off a boarder who thought no one was home. Today I have a crossbow pistol to aid any similar efforts.
    Fresh Blood

    Doesn't mean
    I'm new to crossbows

    Fresh Blood Doesn't meanI'm new to crossbows

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    Re: Other toys in the collection

    Post by Lanceofsouthaustralia on Thu Aug 01, 2013 3:53 am

    Hi every one . 
    I like to collect pocket knives , I can't walk past a sporting shop with out stopping in to look at the selection of knives on offer . Another of my hobbies is armature radio and my radio collection far exceeds any thing else that I have .My work shop comes equipped with hf , vhf and UHF radio.

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    Re: Other toys in the collection

    Post by Sponsored content

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