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    World crossbow championship in Visby, Sweden, 2013


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    World crossbow championship in Visby, Sweden, 2013

    Post by Krakfot on Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:51 am

    Hello all crossbow
    shooters, I want to invite you to the 6:th WCSA's world championship that will be held on the island of Visby in 11-17 of August 2013. The championship will be open for shooters in sporting, target and medieval crossbow shooters. There will be three types of competitions 1) a field event shooting at targets on three different distance, 2) matchplay all shooters are placed "two and two" and the winner will go to the next round (i.e. quarterfinal-semifinal-final...) and 3) a forest event you will shoot at targets 2D and 3D in the woods on unknown distance. More about competition rules and type of competitions you can read about on this page:

    The week before 4-11 august there will be a medieval festival in Visby with some medieval crossbow competitions so if you planning to come try to come a few day before so you can
    see the festival.

    To bring crossbows in to Sweden you have to have a temporary license. for all shooters register before 1 of may the Swedish crossbow union (SAU) will get this license for you, (for shooters register after 1 of may you have to get the license "by your self " and it will then cost aprox. $75).

    so welcome to Visby!
    /Gustav Malmborg, president
    of the Swedish crossbow union (SAU)

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