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    Tough Mudderfuckers!


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    Tough Mudderfuckers! Empty Tough Mudderfuckers!

    Post by Ivo Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:16 pm

    Good Day, Ladies and Gents! Very Happy It's been one hell of a while since I've checked in on my Crossbow Army, Glad to be back for a brief moment.

    Here to tell you all about my crazy time while away.

    First of all, I almost got married..haha!!! Laughing

    And next, I'm on the team for the upcoming "Tough Mudder" event. If you haven't heard of it, her ya go Ladies and Gents... Wink

    12 Miles (or 20 Kilometers) of obstacles designed for the military. I used to do SAMBO for a while, so I kinda have an idea of what I signed up for, only it's twice the distance and obstacles we covered at SAMBO. It's gonna be hell, three month to prepare for it. Twisted Evil Tough Mudderfuckers! 524936

    So I hope you're all having a good time here and the forum seems to be Legit. Sorry I've missed and will be missing out on your projects as I'll be breaking in my mind and body for the fires of hell. Looking forward to coming back here and see some cool stuff you guys build.

    Wish me Luck! Team Jersey - Blood and Guts - Red Army Warriors. Tough Mudderfuckers! 524936

    Todd the archer
    Todd the archer
    Crossbow Junkie

    I live here!

    Crossbow JunkieI live here!

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    Tough Mudderfuckers! Empty Re: Tough Mudderfuckers!

    Post by Todd the archer Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:18 pm

    Looks like fun, Ha ha.

    Good luck, Todd

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    Tough Mudderfuckers! Empty Re: Tough Mudderfuckers!

    Post by Ivo Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:24 pm

    So...Tough Mudder... Did that sh'ait...sitting here..legs still aching and still have mud in my what? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

    Pretty cool event. Lots of people...I mean *THOUSANDS*!!! Obstacles were only half the story...there were some amazing *people* there.

    Guys with prosthetics running...for a little while ran along side this one tough guy who was missing an arm all together (imagine scaling a wall with just one arm - he did Smile) and the craziest one of all...think their name was "Dream Team" who had a guy in a wheel chair with them, who they helped through the entire course...

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 620673_10151275190152790_266906180_o

    Through the ice bath...

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 53800_10151275182757790_95303983_o

    through the mud pits...

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 621291_10151275191277790_1716529206_o

    across the river...

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 156456_10151275194667790_138141274_n

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 470808_10151275195557790_2044586154_o

    Under some high voltage macaroni...(got zapped in the jaw - felt like a someone kicked me in the face...she ain't kidding there...that mud tastes great!!! Razz)

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 175754_10151275197747790_1462482518_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 55418_10151275198652790_1027642024_o

    I can go on all day about all the crap you had to go through there...

    Slippery stumps...diving under barrels...high jump into some *again* nasty muddy water...pitch black underground tunnel/labyrinth...greasy monkey bars (of course with a nice drop into some nasty swamp water)...more muddy/slippery tunnels to crawl through...walls and ladders...walls and ladders...more mud...more nasty water...and finally the giant quarter pipe to run up (being one of the last obstacles, with legs cramping's no joke if you can still run up that thing)..and finally the *shock therapy* where some got lucky and others got rocked face first into the mud.

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 471050_10151275199137790_455077512_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 315684_10151275200162790_2114663954_n

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 133348_10151275200582790_1431805420_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 334304_10151275200657790_633732789_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 77791_10151275201182790_1063702467_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 548623_10151275201767790_589702382_n

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 534489_10151275202337790_845044250_n

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 554259_10151275202607790_162626166_n

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 470805_10151275203027790_154918929_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 615839_10151275203797790_1853436006_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 56633_10151275203907790_1994395894_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 620871_10151275204107790_404346579_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 277396_10151275204782790_1656018790_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 621234_10151275205032790_346622791_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 53290_10151275205867790_1272036549_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 135516_10151275207977790_410739564_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 334839_10151275207797790_1053563541_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 564860_10151275208332790_1897999156_n

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 622804_10151275208417790_1890735184_o

    MASSIVE EVENT! Tough Mudderfuckers! 524936...Don't bother looking for me in this pic...use logic Laughing ~ I'm at the beer booth, downing my third.

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 281086_10151275210742790_1858584586_o

    I mean...stop by their Facebook page - they got plenty more photos Smile:

    ...and look up their stuff on Youtube...plenty of wipe-outs there. drunken

    I'll be doing it again next year, so if you're in the Tri-State area and want to give it a try...def give me a buzz ~ We'll go for a beer or something. Tough Mudderfuckers! 951629

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 177020_10151275209427790_460140299_o

    Tough Mudderfuckers! 176180_10151275209577790_1207740783_o

    Alright...Three days after teh event - Legs still filled with cement. Tough Mudderfuckers! 512028104

    Ivo - OUT. Tough Mudderfuckers! 204712

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    Fresh Blood Doesn't meanI'm new to crossbows

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    Tough Mudderfuckers! Empty Re: Tough Mudderfuckers!

    Post by Rudamchu Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:41 pm

    Forget tough mudderfucker, try crazy mudderfuckers

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    Tough Mudderfuckers! Empty Re: Tough Mudderfuckers!

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