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    6 Tools in1 Metal Lathe Milling Machine


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    6 Tools in1  Metal Lathe Milling Machine Empty 6 Tools in1 Metal Lathe Milling Machine

    Post by B.Cheers on Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:32 pm

    Howdy every one
    Was looking around for a step up in tools to make life easier when i came across this 6 in 1 mini lathe on Ebay.
    Has anyone used one of these machines or heard anything about them as in are they built well and perform as they should? since i don't want to waste money on crap so to speak.
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    6 Tools in1  Metal Lathe Milling Machine Empty Re: 6 Tools in1 Metal Lathe Milling Machine

    Post by panne on Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:16 am

    looking at the specs i'd say it wouldn't serve for much more than occasional use for things like doll house furniture and model building. a 3mm saw stroke, maximum cutting to 7mm on softwood and 14.5 vdc won't get you very far for $245au. you could get quite a few heavier duty power tools for that price.

    i personally tend to stay away from convertible multi use tools, because one of the functions breaking often leaves you without the rest. AC tools will also last a lot longer than DC in most cases. a mid grade hand drill, jig saw, dremel type rotary tool and a vise would get you a lot farther and you'd still have some money left.

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