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    Airsoft Crossbow-Finished at Last!


    If there is a will, there is a way.

    TinkererIf there is a will, there  is a way.

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    Airsoft Crossbow-Finished at Last!

    Post by JacobL on Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:01 pm

    Well, about a month or two ago, I decided it was time to get to making the airsoft crossbow I've been wanting to make for so long. It took a while, thanks to school starting up again, but I got it done, and I'll admit I am quite surprised with how it turned out. I've seen many pouched BB crossbows, but after getting a shot to the eye with a prototype I made I decided I'd like something safer. This is what I came up with, a non-barrelled, non-pouched BB crossbow. It uses a sled attached tp the string to propel the BB, with great power, accuracy, and simplicity. Bow made from thin HS steel, stock made from cheap Douglas Fir, Trigger action and sled made from 6mm Plexiglas, some old farm Twine for the bowstring, paracord for string silencers and lashing, and some fishing line for the coxcombing. 

    Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome. A perfect weapon for my stalker play style, and the small size, ease of reloading, medium range, and good accuracy makes it perfect for airsoft. My only real gripe with this thing is the string, and the bow. I still need to learn how to make a simple, easy bowstring, and for some reason the bow seems to always be crooked, and one side bends far easier than the other. If anybody can help me with those two things please do.

    Thanks to everybody who helped with this build!


    Anatine Duo

    If there is a will, there is a way.

    TinkererIf there is a will, there  is a way.

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    Re: Airsoft Crossbow-Finished at Last!

    Post by Anatine Duo on Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:46 am

    That is a nice looking stock!  Any close ups of your bb sled?

    Once you learn to twist strings with eyes you will laugh at how easy it is.  I started making them at work (construction) on breaks.  Not sure of a good tutorial.

    Re: limb being crooked... are you sure you are pulling the string back evenly every time?  Is the limb sliding left /right during firing?
    If that's good, make the strong part of the limb weaker (narrower) to balance the other side.

    If there is a will, there is a way.

    TinkererIf there is a will, there  is a way.

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    Age : 16
    Location : Manitoba, Canada

    Re: Airsoft Crossbow-Finished at Last!

    Post by JacobL on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:27 pm

    Thank you! I did almost all of the sanding by hand and was surprised how well it came out. I believe he biggest thing affecting the bow and making it crooked is that the bb track is off-center on the stock. Originally, one of the limbs was bigger than the other but I sanded it down and found it would still pull crooked. In the end it's not too much of a worry. Got consistent bullseyes at around 30 feet. Sadly forgot to take pics of the shot sled. All it really is small rectangle with a triangular groove in the back (for the sear), a flat face on the front, and two slopes with a circlar ridge in the middle (for the bowstring). I polished th bottom of it to around 800 grit, so as to keep things smooth and clean. 

    As for strings, I guess there is more to learn. For lighter crossbows like this one, though, the twine works wonders. It's basically a pre-made bowstring (though not strong enough for anything to powerful).I'll have to do some googling.

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    Re: Airsoft Crossbow-Finished at Last!

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