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    Black inlay

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    Fresh Blood Doesn't meanI'm new to crossbows

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    Black inlay Empty Black inlay

    Post by crusader Wed May 11, 2022 2:59 pm

    Hey guys,

     Some crossbows have beautiful black marquetry.

     I understand that is a paste of glue pigment and Horn.

     Does anyone know about this?

     What kind of glue
     What kind of pigment
     Does the Horn need to be ground to powder?

     I would like to hear from you
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    Black inlay Empty Re: Black inlay

    Post by kenh Fri May 13, 2022 5:25 am

    The glue in the olde dayes (pre-1900) was undoubtedly hide or fish glue or a combination of the two.  

    All pigments would be natural based.  Ochre for red.  Black pigment was usually chimney soot or fine ground charcoal mixed with the glue.  I use artist's charcoal sticks when I build replica musical instruments with kolrose carved designs (like scrimshaw but in wood).    Horn most likely would not be ground into a powder, but cut/sanded into shapes set into the wood, as would mother of pearl or bone.
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    I live here!

    Crossbow JunkieI live here!

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    Black inlay Empty Re: Black inlay

    Post by stuckinthemud1 Fri May 13, 2022 3:18 pm

    Horn is a fantastic material to work with. You can split it into sheets nearly as thin as paper where it becomes translucent and shows some lovely colouring or split a little thicker where you can cut it with scissors but it is opaque . It is a thermoplastic. Get it to the right temperature by holding it over a naked flame and it will bend in a right angle. Flash it under cold water and it sets permanently into its new shape. Too hot and it burns though. You have to really scuff up the glue side, the only down side with horn is it is tricky to glue with traditional glues but modern adhesives have no trouble

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    Black inlay Empty Re: Black inlay

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