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    Prod questions....


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    Prod questions....

    Post by Archer46176 on Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:29 pm

    A while back I bought 2 replacement crossbow prods from Alchem, They were for the Whamo crossbow that originally came with the aluminum prods. I had tons of trouble with Alchem and when I finally received the replacement prods they did not fit the Whamo, they would need several shims a new hooked bolt to hold the prod in the stock and the original prod was flat on the bottom to fit the stock where as the replacements have a V shape to them...

       All of that to ask if anyone has used the Whamo replacement prods to create a medieval bow? I know the power stroke for the prod but what angle would be a good one to set the prod at? Shouls I try to use the same angle from the original Whamo ? It doesn't look to be much of an angle.
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    Re: Prod questions....

    Post by Geezer on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:58 pm

    The replacement prods have a 'v' bottom to raise the ends of the prod, giving you less string drag, hence more efficiency.  You may find it helpful to put small shims under the bottom of the prod for extra support, but in fact, the Alchem asymmetric prod should give you much better performance than the old WhamO ones ever did.   As for the hooked bolt: it was a supremely crappy system to hold the prod in place, but with a little judicious shimming with leather or thin wood, you should eventually get it working substantially better than new.  Geezer.

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